Refund Policy

Refund Policy – Get And Win Contest

Refund Policy

The get and win contest doesn’t get a share in the prizes won by our customers, similarly, we will not be responsible for sharing any loss caused by our customers.

Circumstances under which refund policy is covered: –

In case, we don’t deliver several votes we commit then you may be eligible to get a proportionate refund for the number of votes if not done on your link. When your contest ended already and if you decide that you don’t need the remaining votes from your order then you can use the remaining votes in any other contest in the future.

Refund policy middle

Under circumstances which refund policy is not covered:

  • When your work was completed by us but you lost or disqualified from the contest.
  • Your order was completed by our team.
  • In case, your votes get decreased or deleted by contest organizers at a later stage after we completed the order there no refunds will be given as we do not take our votes back once delivered.
  • It cannot be canceled when buyers are requested to review the order as the order was submitted successfully.
  • There is Buyer’s responsibility is so remindful for judging the vote’s requirement. The requirement for submitting the order Please check the ordered votes count. We are responsible for your delivered ordered count of votes before and after.
  • When there was a premature end to voting for a contest, removal of votes by contest organizations or contest link is not working then we should not be held responsible for a situation.refund-policy
  • On the How to Order page, the contest link & details should need to be sent to email as explained. The buyer’s responsibility is to share the contest details with us and the same item needs to be done as soon as possible.
  • The only order will be refunded when we failed to deliver the ordered votes that you need. And any of the above measures not valid.
  • We provide you the submitted prove before starting and after ending votes screen capture and this is our high responsibility is limited to delivering the ordered votes count. You may know this the results of the contest are not guaranteed and the buyers are requested to order the required count. If there was removed any votes by the admin there will be considered as a valid delivery from our side.
  • Accidental orders would not be refunded and buyers need to place the order only if they agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Also, Kindly contact us via our website live chat or email in case you have any problem with your order. We will provide our best support to you and help you in all circumstances. Website: get and win contest Email:

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