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About Us

We know you are highly interested to know about us. We trust that our work speaks to you about us, still here are a joining of things we think that will be interesting for you.

With a look to help customers to win online contest get and win contest came in an existence in the year 2012. It is highly important to deliver what is given away today’s eCommerce continuity. We have helped many of our customers to win the online contest by the same formula. We bank on perpendicular to our commitments and achieving results within the deadlines. Devoted to joy its customers through various services get and win contest is a youngster, dynamic, active team.

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Online voting

To work on various online contests, and understand the contest requirements out the team is technically deserving and specialist – it’s one of the most important the Dos and DON’Ts of online contests, sweepstakes, email registrations, surveys, and so on. Following services which are taking steps through unique IPs and realist profiles our team specializes in:

  • Buy IP Votes
  • Buy Poll Votes
  • Buy Online Votes
  • Buy Contest Votes

Including Social Media Services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumbler, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram, and so on. Our team members are believing in customer satisfaction and work for this. We share a work progress report on our team because we are transparent about our work. Our latest technology, skilled team, and excellent customer service help us provide you the following:

About us service quality

  • IP vote for any place. Daily capability to provide you 50 Thousand
  • Online contest vote. Daily capability to provide you 100 Thousand
  • Online poll vote: Daily capability to provide you 100 Thousand
  • With affordable prices the wonderful online contest services
  • Progress report after complete order
  • Grievance addressing system
  • The orders are completed timely

Know more about us and our services

Votes quality:

  1. The Email accounts we use for voting are created years back and they are on high platforms like Gmail and Yahoo.
  2. For Facebook-based contests, we use the real USA Facebook accounts with different users.
  3. We provide you the manual votes with our team, and all are unique IP addresses for IP-based contests.
  4. We have a unique English-based names list to apply and we have the highest quality Emails list too.
  5. Normally we use US-based zip codes. If you want to use custom zip codes, please notify us.

Voting Regions:

  1. There are most traffic will come from the USA because 90% of our clients are US-based.
  2. Please inform us via email or live chat to get pricing if you want to get traffic from targeted countries.


Payment Options:

  1. We accept all Payments methods.
  2. Having no PayPal account? You can use your debit/credit card, Neteller, Skrill, Payza, and so on when you purchase with our website through PayPal.

Order Processing:

  1. After you placed the order, we will verify your contest information and send you a notification email as soon as possible with confirmation details.
  2. For urgent orders queries, please contact us via live chat from our website. But we highly recommend you to come earlier before your contest ends as possible.
  3. Because we need to expanse votes overtime to make the entry.
  4. We don’t share any info/details without your permission for sure.

Facebook contest votes help you to gain more prizes and offers for you! If you have more votes then you will gain more popularity and you can easily get more leads for your business. Buy Facebook votes and contest votes from us.

We will deliver your votes on time.

To win the online contest, we work friendly with you not also as a service provider but also as a team to gain one common goal. Any online contests we are a one-stop destination for voting requirements of all kinds in a nutshell. If you have already used/buy our services/products and satisfied with it, then do not forget to Appreciate Us.

If you want to know more information about us please contact us via email or website live chat.